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Read through some FAQs that may answer some of your questions about Redbrick Duo and the services we offer. But please feel free to use our contact form to get in touch and ask any other questions you might have.

I want a specific song to be playing as I walk down the aisle but it's not listed on your repertoire list. Can I still request this song?

Of course! As long as you let us know any specific songs you want played during your ceremony or reception at least a few weeks before your wedding day, we are happy to arrange the song and play it on the day. Please make sure to make this request at least 3 weeks before your event so we have enough time to arrange and rehearse it so we can play it up to our standards on your day.

When should we pick our wedding music? How far in advance do we need to choose?

Like everything with wedding planning, the earlier you can decide, the better. However, we know that choosing your background music might not be your top priority. We are happy to make suggestions and you can refer to our repertoire list for ideas. If you have requests for songs that are not on this list, please make sure to request the song at least 3 weeks before your event so we have enough time to arrange and rehearse it so we can play it up to our standards on your day.

Should we meet you in person before or after booking you?

We are happy to meet you free of charge to discuss any details, but we do not think it is necessary. We are also happy to talk to you on the phone to discuss ideas in more detail. We tend to do most of our communicating and coordinating with clients by email and phone calls.

How do I know what songs to choose for different parts of the ceremony? Can you help give me ideas or suggestions?

Depending on your venue and musical tastes, you can first decide what type of musical genre you would like for your ceremony. If you are having a more religious ceremony, you can go with more traditional music. If you are having a more modern ceremony, you can go with arrangements of your favorite pop/rock songs. Or you can always pick a mixture of different things! We are happy to stick to one genre or provide a blend of whatever you choose. We have a repertoire list that has many classical, pop, traditional, and folk songs that we frequently play, or you can always ask us to play something that isn't on that list. You can also visit our blog for helpful tips on what type of music to pick for different parts of your wedding day. 

Do you attend the wedding rehearsal?

We do not usually find that it is necessary for us to come to the rehearsal since we will have gone over all the details for the day over the phone, over email, and/or in person.

How will you know when and in what order to play everything during the ceremony? 

We have lots of experience playing at weddings and other events. We know that while we are playing we need to be aware of what's going on around us and pay attention audio and visual cues from. We will also coordinate with your event planner or venue personnel before and during your event, and we will have discussed the ceremony order with you in our prior communications.

How much do you charge?

Please use our contact form to get in touch with us about your event and to inquire about pricing. We will send you a pricing sheet containing different package and pricing options depending on what type of event you are having.

What is wedding ceremony music?

Wedding ceremony music is the music that is played during your wedding ceremony. It can be live or recorded and generally lasts from when your guests begin gathering into the ceremony area and sitting down for the ceremony until guests exit the ceremony area.

What is the difference between a wedding band and wedding ceremony musicians?

A wedding band is usually the group that provides music for dancing. A wedding band can also be replaced by a DJ depending on your preference and/or budget. A wedding band or DJ excels at getting your guests pumped up and in the party mood. Wedding ceremony musicians on the other hand provide background music for the ceremony and other parts of the day that require music as a subtle addition to the atmosphere.

Should I use live or recorded wedding ceremony music? Do I have to hire wedding ceremony musicians if I already have a wedding band or DJ?

We think (although we might be slightly biased) that live ceremony music provided by musicians who specialize in playing ceremonies really adds something special to your wedding day. We know how to get the atmosphere of your ceremony just right, and often our instrumentation better suits a ceremony and background music in general.

Can you play during other parts of the wedding besides just the ceremony?

Absolutely. We can provide music from the moment your guests begin entering the venue all the way through the end of dinner until the dancing begins- or any one event or combination of events in between. The most common times for us to play are when guests arrive, during the ceremony, and during cocktail hour, although we are happy to play during the dinner reception as well. It’s entirely your call on how long you want us there and might depend on things like your budget or the order of events on your wedding day.

Can you give me some wedding ceremony music samples?

You can visit our audio page for listening samples and our video page for video samples.

Do you play at other wedding events like rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, etc?

Yes, definitely! We would love to play at any event you have planned for which you would like some live background music.

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