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You've decided you want live ceremony music and you've picked your musicians. Now what?

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

You have chosen the instruments for your ceremony music, or maybe you've even hired a specific group. Now it's time to decide at what points during your wedding you want your ceremony musicians to play.

Deciding When You Want Your Musicians to Play

Wedding ensembles can provide music from the moment your guests begin entering the venue all the way through the end of dinner until the dancing begins- or any one event or combination of events in between. The most common times for background musicians to play are when guests arrive, during the ceremony, and during cocktail hour, although we are happy to play during the dinner reception as well. It’s entirely your call on how long you want us there, which might depend on things like your budget or the order of events on your wedding day.

How to Choose the Music

Depending on your venue and musical tastes, you can first decide what type of musical genre you would like for your ceremony. If you are having a more religious ceremony, you can choose more traditional or sacred music. If you are having a more modern ceremony, you can go with arrangements of your favorite pop/rock songs. Or you can always pick a mixture of different things! We are happy to stick to one genre or provide a blend of whatever you choose. We have a repertoire list that has many classical, pop, traditional, and folk songs that we frequently play, so you don’t need to provide a whole list of song requests for the entire day. But we love to hear what our clients prefer for specific parts of the ceremony and if they have any favorite songs they want to hear at other points of the day. We want to provide music for your ceremony that represents something special or has some meaning to you.

How Far In Advance to Choose The Music

Like everything with wedding planning, the earlier you can decide, the better. However, we know that choosing your background music might not be your top priority. You may want to start by looking at our extensive repertoire list for some ideas; let us know your favorites, and if there is anything special you would like us to play that isn't on the list, please make sure to request the song at least three weeks before your event so we have enough time to arrange and rehearse it so we can play it up to our standards on your day.

Our next post will have tools to aid you in choosing music every step of the way, with examples of songs from varying genres.

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